Festival Kits

Flash build Festival kits from AeroStar S.A.

AeroStar S.A.  re-defines fast build kits with their “flash” build products where all major components are factory built to the highest standards in Light Sport Aircraft.  Now you can own and fly a R40S or R40S-GC at substantial savings and have the pleasure and rewarding experience building your own airplane. This is no ordinary kit building process that takes months and years of daily toil to complete.

This is “Flash” build where in a matter of days you can have all the major components of your airplane all together.  AeroStar will completely build the fuselage – wings – vertical fin and rudder – horizontal stabilizers and elevators.  Plus the canopy – interior – windscreen; engine cowlings and firewall forward components for the engine.  Then landing gear, wheels and brakes.  All of these items are ready to bolt into place on the fuselage.  Do your own instrument panel as you like or take the Festival R40S-GC Dynon SkyView completely built and ready to plug in.  Easy to follow instructions takes you through the entire build step by step.  At the end the only task left to complete is painting the plane.  If you like AeroStar will completely paint all the components for you so the plane is ready for flight once assembly is complete.  What could be easier?  Well, flying the airplane is easier!

We are currently developing information and the costs for the kit products.  The plan is to offer three variations where the builder may select the level of effort desired to complete the kit project.  This information will be available soon.  If you would like to talk about our kit plans now then give me a call or send an email.

Ed Snyder


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