Searching for a quality Light Sport airplane?  Probably are if you are reading this.  How to select the correct Light Sport airplane for you out of all the offerings available?  Swoopy lines and designs out of Buck Rodgers fantasies to catch your eye seem to be the current approach of others. Here’s an idea for you; how about rock solid quality and real value with advanced technology built in over the Johnny come lately fantasies? How about an airplane from a company with over fifty year’s experience?  How about an airplane manufacture that considers your safety and comfort major considerations over swoopy lines?  Good rock solid airplanes just don’t happen overnight.  It takes years of refinements and in-flight experience to get it right. The Festival Light Sport from AeroStar S.A. got it right years ago.  You can have it all right now.

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The Festival R40S and R40S-GC
R40S-GC paint scheme shown